About Us


My name is Nicole. I am the owner of Clouds of Stardust.

I love graphic design and sharing art with people in different ways. Graphic design is the one thing that has never felt like "work" to me. When I have my iPad and pencil, I'm in my happy place; I'm in the zone!

The process of creating something new is wonderful. And then being able to share that something with the world makes my free time drawing and creating feel fulfilling and useful.

I always feel honored when someone participates in my creative endeavors by being a shop patron or supporter. It is so amazing to connect with people that share my love of cute, whimsical art and design!

I've developed friendships with people all around the world through social media and sharing the work that I do here in my shop. It's so rewarding to be supported by so many of you wonderful souls! I just want to connect with all of you!

Follow me on Instagram (@clouds_ofstardust) or Facebook (@cloudsofstardust) so I that I can get to know you and thank you for being the amazing supporter that you are! And if you are reading this now, you ARE an amazing supporter :)

Let's come together and share our love of art and make the world a better place!